About GlobalRegCom's founder

Dr. Lorraine Tilbury is an American Board-Certified regulatory toxicologist with a doctorate in Veterinary Medicine & 20 years experience in pesticide and pharmaceutical regulatory affairs, including regulatory project management, medical writing and participation in regulatory expert committees. Lorraine is a dual American-French national (English mother tongue) with multilingual skills (completely bilingual English/French, fluent in Spanish and modern Greek, conversational Italian and German). Lorraine's experience is in dossier compilation & writing, medical writing, regulatory project management & strategy, understanding & interpreting legislation, regulatory toxicology expertise in regulated businesses such as pharmaceuticals, pesticides, chemicals (REACH legislation), and cosmetics. Lorraine's company,  Global Regulatory Communications, provides solutions in regulatory communications to regulated businesses worldwide, relying on superior regulatory dossier writing and project management skills, technical expertise and strategic support.